Chris Eyre

(Cheyenne and Arapaho) -director - was the recipient of numerous awards including, a Rockefeller Film Fellowship (1995), the Haig Manoogian Award (1995), the Martin Schorses' Post Production Award (1995), a Warner Brother's Post Production Award (1995) and Best Film of 1995 in the Graduate Film Program. Eyre was invited to participate as a fellow in the Sundance Institutes Directing Workshop. His first feature, Smoke Signals, was collaboration with Sherman Alexie work shopped at the Sundance Institute. In 1996 he received the NHK/Sundance Cinema 100 Award. Eyre produced, The Doe Boy. THe second film that he directed was Skins. Over the past three years, Eyre has completed an additional five films as a director and/or producer.