Ruth Glendinning

Ruth Glendinning is a Business Marketer to Cultural Strategist. She creates profit in both public and private spaces. Ruth speaks, teaches and consults internationally with a mission to inspire her clients to live their best lives through identifying connections for them that bring them into the realm of success, satisfaction, and point them towards the path to achieve their full potential. Her personal and professional development seminars and programs explore diverse topics, ranging from culture, commerce and community, and discuss how all those elements work together as the basis for sustainable growth. Her life's work is the ongoing exploration of a wide variety of philosophies in pursuit of what is commonly known today as Living Your Bliss. In addition to her work with iCREATE, she is partnering with Dr. Asha Prasad to develop a unique concept which will be a 'one stop shop for inner and outer healing', writing her first book on cultural strategy and continually creating methods to bring her knowledge to bigger audiences. After all, if you don't speak their language, you can't expect them to follow you anywhere! Finally, as you will learn upon meeting her, all this is just a small taste of the ways she expresses her mission to create connection across the planet. her life experiences have led her to admire the insight of Albert Einstein when he said "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." She not only believes it, she lives by it.