News on Eric Mofford's Projects: "Senior Year" & Still of the Night"

News on Eric Mofford's Projects: "Senior Year" & Still of the Night"

My feature film (co-written with Gary Klavans) "Still of the Night" almost got off the ground. We were supposed to start shooting January 16th, but at the VERY last minute (Dec. 27, 2005, crummy year, last year) the investor pulled out (very understandable personal health reasons). Luckily, the actors are all still very into it so we've rescheduled for March, 2006. Any investors leads would be appreciated. More info at the website (still under construction, but some good information). I'm very excited about this project.

Here's some other cool 2006 good news. As you may remember during the 1999/2000 school year, I co-produced a documentary series for PBS entitled "Senior Year." Six young filmmakers followed 15 teens through their last year at Fairfax High School, a school at the epicenter of the explosion of diversity reshaping L.A. and the country. The result is an entertaining, provocative, and inspiring portrait of the next generation.

Now, is reprising the video diaries from "Senior Year" under the title "Rights of Passage: Views from Fairfax High." "Senior Year" was one of the original programs to use video diaries with stories that are still relevent today. Created, directed and produced by David Zeiger ("Sir! No Sir!") the show is once again empowering teens and bringing their voices into important debates about them: from high school reform to teen health to teen sexuality. If you haven't seen the series, this is a great opportunity to get some highlights.

I hope you'll check out the site at and the companion website at The site features highlights from each episode. Also featured are 3 web-only character stories. I also produced the web site.

The Philadelphia Inquirer called "Senior Year" "a marvel of cinema verite documentary filmmaking, as well as a window into adolescence and the future of our country (Storm 1/11/02)." The LA Times wrote, "there is no narration, nor is there a need for any, because the filmmakers have done an excellent job in letting the students tell their own stories (Sandall 1/25/02)."