• Dr. Phil or Dr. Dolittle?

Documentary Workshop - Elgin, Texas - July 21-28, 2007

Project Description:

The students’ short documentary, Dr. Phil or Dr. Do-Little, focuses on an errant visit to Elgin by the television icon Dr. Phil in 2004, and the continuing effect on the community.

Awards & Screenings:

  • West Chester Film Festival (2008)
  • Atlanta Film Festival (2008)
  • Josiah Youth Media Festival (2008) – Honorable Recognition
  • City of Temecula Youth Media & Arts Festival (2008) – Award Nominated
  • Hot Docs International Film Festival (2008)
  • PowerFlickers Short Film Showcase (2007)

Faculty & Guest Speakers included:

  • Gary Walker (Owner, TexFX) - Graphic Design
  • Kevin Triplett (Owner, MoPac Media) - Sound
  • Nevie Owens (Independent film editor) - Editing
  • Barry Coffing (Owner, MusicSupervisor.com) - Music Supervising

Community Impact:

Impressed by the results and utilizing the technical skills learned during the workshop, Elgin ISD initiated a film club based on the MFS curriculum and implemented a credited media program for the 2008 school year. Dr. Duane Shaw, Director of Instructional Technology enrolled in the 2008 summer Teacher Training Institute for digital media, sponsored by Skillpoint Alliance and taught by Mobile Film School instructors.

Special Thanks to our sponsors:

  • Bluebonnet Electric Coop
  • Frontier Bank of Texas

A special thanks to our equipment heroes:

  • Omega Mopac Media
  • PACT
  • Patrick Phillips
  • April Melody Sanchez

Mealtime is a precious and nurturing time during the workshops, and we are grateful for those that kept us well fed:

  • Seattle’s Best Coffee
  • Chipolte
  • Magnolia Café
  • Soup Peddler
  • Texas Honey Ham
  • Austin Tamale House
  • Einstein Bagels
  • Phoenicia Bakery & Deli
  • Sweet Leaf Tea
  • Izze
  • Garden Spot Café & Catering
  • Jeannette Shelby Realty
  • Kay Silkenson
  • Sandy Smith
  • Gracie Villarreal & Phil Goetz
  • Jon & Debbie Harvey
  • Dr. Duane Shaw