Congratulations to Our Good Buddy Jim Hart SMU Class of '69

JV Hart – SMU Class of '69 

Literary Luminary Award – In honor of its anniversary, the Friends of the SMU Libraries/Colophon has created the Literary Luminary Award. The award will be presented annually to honor an SMU alumnus who has made a significant contribution to the literary world. SMU is delighted to announce that the first annual Literary Luminary award will be presented to author and screenwriter, James V. Hart (’69), for his original writing and screenplay adaptations.   

This is an event that supports the SMU library system and we would appreciate as much support as possible from our Texas contingent.  There is some symmetry here. W gets his own library and the University library honors the likes of Jim. That is a culture of diversity all institutions of higher learning should strive for. Jim is honored to have been chosen.

Please contact Amy Carver at SMU, for details, invites and reservations. And please forward this to other SMU friends and alums who are wish to support SMU in this way.