Kelly De Vine

Kelly De Vine acquires shorts and independent features for the Independent Film Channel bringing the best of independent film to viewers uncut and uncensored 24 hours a day. With the channel for almost six years, she has worked in acquisitions for nearly five and had worked previously with the film production division. While working chiefly for the channel, she has also brought talent and films to the production and theatrical divisions of IFC Companies, notably Lost in La Mancha by Louis Pepe and Keith Fulton the critically acclaimed doc focusing on the "unmaking" of Terry Gilliam's dream turned nightmare project to bring his telling of Don Quixote to the screen. Recent short film acquisitions include films from Margaret Harris, Ellie Lee and the filmmaking team of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck all named in the Filmmaker Magazine's 2004 "25 Faces of Indie Film." She also acquires for HDCinema 10, owned and operated by IFC's parent company, part of the all HD suite of networks available only through the VOOM satellite. She is a regular on the festival circuit seeking out fresh talent as well as moderating and speaking on numerous panels. She holds a bachelor of Liberal Arts degree with a focus on contemporary literature and film studies and a master's in Sociology.