Gill Holland

Gill Holland is a producer whose credits include the Fox sit-com Greg the Bunny, Morgan J. Freeman's triple Sundance award-winning Hurricane Streets (MGM); and his follow-up Desert Blue (Samuel Goldwyn), starring Christina Ricci, Casey Affleck, and and Kate Hudson; Rob Tregenza’s Inside/Out (Cannes 1997); John-Luke Montias' Bobby G. Can't Swim (winner AFI 1999, Best Film and Best Director); Tom Gilroy's award-winning Spring Forward (starring Ned Beatty and Liev Schreiber and on many critics' top ten lists for 2000); and Tim Kirkman's Spirit Award and Emmy-nominated documentary Dear Jesse (Cowboy Booking). Holland was also nominated for the Spirit Award for Producer of the Year in 1998. He is an adjunct professor at the NYU Graduate Film School. Gill worked for three years at the French Film Office after a brief stint at October/USA Films. He is working on a movie about the Wright Brothers and a TV series based on Interpol.