Christine Crosby

Chris Crosby comes to MFS with 25 years of experience as an educator, therapist and activist. With a background in education and clinical psychology, she has worked with schools, hospitals, community groups, and in private practice. She has extensive experience with non-profits, working on boards and as development staff for both new and established groups. Chris was a founding member and board president of the Austin Children's Museum and has served on the board of the Center for Battered Women and other local environmental and education-based groups. Currently she is on the boards of the Girls' School of Austin, and Shumla, a research and education institute based in west Texas. She is also a partner with Austin writer Bill Crawford in Mapache, a media production company.

Chris grew up on the Texas - Mexico border in a family of storytellers and movie fiends. Her family has been involved in the communications industries for over 100 years, beginning with bringing the telephone and cable television to rural areas. She understands the power of individual stories and the possibilities for understanding and connection that MFS can create.