Mobile Film School Awarded Honor at Del Valle Independent School District’s 20th Anniversary Adopt-A-School Red Apple Success Award Ceremony

Mobile Film School was awarded an honor at Del Valle Independent School District’s 20th anniversary Adopt-A-School Red Apple Success award ceremony on Wednesday May 7th. The award was entitled “Big Things Come in Small Packages” and stemmed from the documentary workshop MFS held at Del Valle High School in March.

Fifteen Del Valle High School students, ranging from freshman to seniors, participated in the eight-day, intensive MFS workshop from March 15-22. MFS faculty, staff and students clocked in roughly 99 hours of production time, which included presentations from industry professionals Jim Hart, Kate Dawson, Bill Crawford and Barry Coffing, as well as intensive instruction on the digital film and editing equipment. By the end of the course, the students had produced a nine-minute short documentary film titled Til Death Do Us Part?, focusing on the topic of marriage and divorce from their own personal experiences.

In addition, MFS partnered with Del Valle ISD to produce a culinary workshop that supported the rigorous schedule of the digital filmmaking workshop. Del Valle High School culinary instructor, Dayle Hickman, taught seven culinary students about healthy food preparation and culinary industry service techniques as they prepared three meals a day for our documentary workshop participants. Because of the amount of hours the Del Valle culinary students worked (60-80), the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation awarded them credit for an internship and presented them with a certificate of completion.

MFS is a highly collaborative, multi-disciplined film and video arts program. The non-profit school is administered and led by industry professionals and offers a wide variety of creative and technology-based programming. MFS strives to narrow the digital divide in lower income communities and rural North America by increasing access to the art and technology of filmmaking. The effect of MFS’ workshops on students’ self-esteem is life-changing and uplifting.

Muriel T. Clark, a DVHS teacher and case manager for troubled students, noticed the difference after the workshop. “…The student of mine that you worked with has really opened up in all of his classes,” she told MFS last month. “I cannot take any credit for this, but I can credit the Mobile Film School for assisting in helping him feel comfortable in his own skin. I enjoyed the experience and I enjoyed what I saw in the kids once the school was over.”

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