Pico 'Claude' Berkowitch

(Belgium) -Directing, Editing and Acting- Since 1978 he has instructed and consulted in Burma, France, Egypt, China, Ghana, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, United States, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, and Lebanon. His documentary The Lucky Stars of Texas City, shot in Belgium, won the 1997 International Ethnographic Film Festival of Paris. From 1990-1993 Pico was on staff at the International Film and Television Workshops in Maine. He was the Assistant Director on Rapa Nui, produced by Kevin Costner and directed by Kevin Reynolds. Over the years he has written, directed and edited for features, documentaries and commercials for film and television. In 1995 he founded the Acting Workshop in Paris, where he still teaches. Currently, Pico is working in Paris directing David Mamet's play "The Shawl."