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On The Road: The Mobile Film School Drives Rural Students' Ambitions

Several years ago, filmmaker Lisa McWilliams decided to give back. While traveling to and filming in rural America, McWilliams found young people with cinematic visions of their own. Unfortunately, those she encountered felt that they didn't have access to the film community while living between the coasts.  Read More...

Local students to present documentary, 'What Dr. Phil Got Wrong'

July 27, 2007

A short documentary filmed and produced by students at Elgin High School will be shown to the public at 7 p.m., Saturday, July 28. Elginites are invited to attend the free screening which will take place at the Elgin ISD Administration Building's auditorium, 1002 N. Ave. C.

Mobile Film School Recognized as Film School of the Week

Movie Maker Magazine

MovieMaker Magazine has featured the Mobile Film School as the film school of the week. Here what they have to say:

Getting an education in movie making can be tough - the best programs can be almost impossible to get into, and cost alone is enough of a deterrent for some. But what about those who have no access to a film school, or even the equipment they need to start making movies on their own? The Mobile Film School was founded with these people in mind, with the mission to reach out to underserved communities by bringing film school to them.

Producer Sends Mobile Film School to new territory - Austin Business Journal, May 2006

Lisa McWilliams is hoping to get her show on the road.

For several years, the film producer -- whose credits include indie documentary "Before the Music Dies" -- has wanted to craft a nonprofit that could travel the country and teach rural residents about filmmaking. Now McWilliams says the project, dubbed the Mobile Film School, is poised to launch.

Moving Pictures: Mobile Film School Brings Big Dreams to Small Towns - Austin Monthly, May 2006

A restless kid with big dreams escapes his dead-end hometown to become a Hollywood star - it's the classic L.A. fairy tale. But Lisa McWilliams believes some of the nation's best stories are just waiting to be told in America's small towns.

Tour Guide - Filmmaker: The Magazine of Independent Film

Do you live in the back of beyond and lack the resources to properly learn the art of filmmaking? Well, take heart -- the Mobile Film School may drive into your town soon.

Once the Mobile Film School takes to the road in 2003, some would-be filmmakers will encounter a traveling movie studio designed to teach filmmaking and to mentor under-served people in urban and rural areas like the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.